Dec 14

Using cloud communications to supercharge enterprise phone systems


Landline legacy telephone networks have been a standard of enterprise operations for years. But while the connections they create have not dwindled in importance, the technology behind them is beginning to show its age. This is leading many small businesses to take one of two paths - either update what they have or push for off-site cloud communications. Regardless of the route, however, organizations are frequently ending up at the same destination: VoIP telephony in the cloud.

There are two major reasons for the shift toward cloud VoIP. According to Streetfight Magazine contributor Mark Sullivan, much of this has to do with the        growth of mobile technology among customers.

"These smartphone users are searching, reading, chatting, sharing and shopping in their local markets directly from their devices," Sullvan wrote. "Take into account the increasing number of websites, search engines and advertising platforms that have adopted 'click-to-call' buttons and it is easy to see why the leap from searching to calling is so natural. After all, there is that phone inside of every smartphone."

But the benefits don't stop at consumer relations. Chances are that one person's customer is another organization's employee. Understanding that professionals need the same kind of intuitive systems that patrons do will help to streamline daily operations - not to mention increase worker satisfaction. Phone systems for small business need to be available in the cloud now that people are so accustomed to operating tools of this nature in their personal lives. Staffers need to have a modern level of autonomy over their schedules.

"For any business owner, finding a cost-effective solution to managing flexible working will be at the forefront of their mind," wrote The Guardian contributor Kitty Dann.

Be it with customers or employees in mind, cloud communications are going to be essential for small businesses moving forward. They allow for work to be more agile and responsive while giving consumers a stronger sense of connectivity with their favorite companies.