Nov 14

Have no fear, the cloud is here!


Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's the cloud!

That's right, the cloud. The cloud can be a hero for any business that leverages it - regardless of how. One popular way to embrace the cloud is by placing unified communications networks there. Having the ability to access office voice, email and other connections from remote locations can be a valuable boost to productivity.

But while the cloud has been found to be a powerful telecom asset, there are still those who are uncertain of whether or not to trust it. According to No Jitter contributor and ZK Research founder Zeus Kerravala, these are the kinds of attitudes that need to be cast aside.

Modern enterprises have to be willing to trust the cloud in order to take full advantage of it. More organizations are starting to realize that cloud is the way to go - whether they opt for off-site hosting or in-house upgrades.

Unified communications market growing globally
The cloud has made a massive impact on how professionals view communications. The name of the game is availability in modern business, and anything that can improve connectivity through a smartphone is considered as good as gold.

The importance of cloud communications is only being underscored by the market growth of mobile UC tools. According to a recent report from Research and Markets, the industry is worth $5.15 billion dollars, but that figure will increase to $17.38 billion by 2019. With more organizations making these upgrades, their competitors are realizing that they need to keep up. This is not only a business concern - employees are starting to require these assets.

"The growing need for gaining competitive advantage and the increase in demand for optimized workflows among organizations have significantly added to the rise in adoption of mobile unified communications and collaboration solutions," stated Research and Markets. "Furthermore, the increasing multi-purpose usage of smartphones and the emergence of virtual workforce have encouraged enterprises to integrate mobile devices with Unified Communication (UC) solutions."

Mobile, single source communications are starting to become a deal-breaker - both in terms of employee retention and success. Organizations in the present day have to be agile, and keeping phone networks confined to the physical workplace can ultimately be a hindrance.

...the hero we need
Cloud makes things possible. The consumerization of IT has allowed many professionals to think outside the box. Whether it's about flexible work schedules or keeping people on the road connected, unified communications in the cloud can be a game-changing tool.