Jul 14

Top 5 Reasons for using SIP Trunks

SIP trunking is becoming a standard for businesses everywhere and an inexpensive, effective alternative to traditional and costly phone services. However, many businesses are still on the fence when it comes to adopting new technologies - especially when their existing phone systems work well. "If it ain’t broke don’t’ fix it" is typically the thought process when it comes to communications.


But what if I told you that SIP could offer your business more than just the standard benefits you're used to? Here are five reasons why you should consider adding SIP trunking to your business communication system:

  1. Simple – SIP trunks allow you to simplify your communications by allowing you to combine voice, data end even video on a single internet connection.
  2. Cost-effective – According to a 2013 Infonetics Research case study, more businesses are turning to SIP trunking to “improve the reliability and lower the cost of communication services.” Voice spend can be reduced up to 50% by making the switch to SIP trunks.
  3. Reliable – SIP trunking also offers the ability to set up redundant circuits easily and cost-effectively, which brings your communications higher levels of reliability.
  4. Centralized – SIP trunks can provide a more centralized management by bringing together phone lines that used to be distributed to multiple locations
  5. Incomparable – SIP trunks provide even the smallest business access to enterprise-class features at a fraction of the cost of traditional copper solutions while offering the incomparable flexibility of an IP system.