Jul 14

Cloud communications are changing perceptions

There's been very few technology in recent history that has been anywhere near as exciting as the cloud. This is not only true for the companies who leverage it, but also for the ones who provide the services as well, especially as a single source communications platform.

The traditional sales and support methods no longer work in today's unified communications-based world. Instead of focusing on a product's capabilities and features, there is now a much stronger need for providers and resellers to provide custom solutions for their clients.

Today's consumers are no longer after the "latest and greatest" technology-they just want what works best for their company. So for providers and resellers alike, it's important to understand that their clients aren't looking for the most innovative, cutting-edge technology - they just want something simple and easy to use that will help to save them time. User experience is key, so while all the fancy and cutting edge features offered may seem exciting to the customer, what they're really looking for is a service that will improve the way they do business.

This is why it is so important that those who market and sell cloud communications re-evaluate how they approach both new sales and potential customers. It isn't enough to just underscore the presence of the cloud anymore. In order to increase and retain business, providers have to be willing to get more involved.