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Backup and Disaster Recovery



Standard backups consist only of your data files. This is obviously the most important aspect of a backup, but it does not encompass or address the issues with server or workstation rebuilds. If you have a data only backup, (such as tape, rotating cartridge or online), you will still be left with the very large task of re-installing the server operating system, re-installing all software and re-configuring all settings and functions.

Each of our backup solutions offers automated nightly “images” of not only your data, but an exact replica/snapshot of your entire server or workstation. This image includes all software, users and settings, and thus is a true mirror of your system which allows for much faster data and system recovery. With our nightly imaging, recovery times are significantly decreased, allowing you to get back to work as quickly as possible.

Rapid Data Recovery

 Disaster Recovery

We offer an award-winning hardware based on and off-site backup and disaster recovery solution.

This is THE ONLY SOLUTION ON THE MARKET that allows instant virtualization and instant data recovery.

Survive the storm.

Our backup and disaster recovery system offers unparalleled business continuity through on and off-site virtualization which eliminates downtime. In the event of all too common hardware failures, our disaster recovery eliminates business downtime by locally virtualizing failed server infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Should there be a natural disaster or other physical catastrophe, Our disaster recovery off-site virtualization allows you to maintain business critical IT infrastructure, even when access to your servers is impossible. This can be crucial in the case of an earthquake, fire, storm or even if your building becomes unavailable. Our disaster recovery solution will be there.

Our disaster recovery solution combines powerful virtualization with a cutting- edge backup system.

Each Disaster Recovery device continuously synchronizes with two data centers, located on both US coasts, maintaining a constant mirror of all data stored on the disaster recovery platform. In the event of a disaster or device failure, a new device can be shipped overnight directly to your location, with all data already in place. This allows for an entire device’s data to be recovered quickly and easily.

Our disaster recovery devices are the ultimate data backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution available today. We have units that can back up an unlimited number of servers using a powerful off-site backup system, storing all of your information at two independent, secure data centers. The added protection of daily off-site snapshots allows access to previous data versions for up to one year, even if the files have been deleted from the local device. No matter what happens, your data remains safe and always retrievable.

If you were faced with a complete facility loss, could you continue doing business? What if you experienced an extended power loss and couldn’t access your location? Our disaster recovery solution’s ability to virtualize your critical IT infrastructure off-site keeps your business running, regardless of the circumstances. Servers can be virtualized at secure off-site data centers, allowing key systems like email, Blackberry™ and accounting to continue functioning.

 Online Backup

 Online Backup

Our  Online Backup solution is intended for businesses that need to have their data backed up off-site but elect not to use our disaster recovery solution. Our data-only  Online Backup solution will backup your company’s most important data in a safe, secure online repository that will allow for easy access in the case of a disaster that renders your physical network unusable.

The peace of mind and safety of having your company’s most important data off-site helps business owners sleep peacefully at night. Our nightly backups ensure that all of your company’s hard work each day is uploaded into the cloud for safekeeping in the event of a disaster.

Don’t wait until after a disaster has happened to make the crucial decision to have your backups off-site.

Online backup is a total and complete necessity given the amount of data most companies rely on daily. Don’t be a statistic!

On-Site Backup

 On-Site Backup

Our local backup solution is an absolute necessity for businesses that elect not to use our disaster recovery solution. Our local backup solution creates nightly “images” of your most important servers and workstations and keeps these backups on a local drive for easy access and recovery. The greatest benefit of this solution is that these backups contain an exact replica of your entire server or workstation which includes all software and users & settings in addition to your most important data. The backups are essentially images of your computers.

A fast and simple restore process puts your computer back exactly the way it was. That means all the same files in the same folders, the same applications, the same Operating System and all custom settings. All your important work restored to exactly where you left it. Everything back to normal like nothing happened!

Recovering from a crashed workstation/server or recovering a missed file is as simple as accessing these images and pulling out the data you need or restoring the image to a new computer.

Don’t let your important data sit around unprotected! Let our local backup solution do the dirty work and protect your data from unforeseen events that can threaten productivity and up-time.

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