8x8 Frontdesk

8×8 Frontdesk

Present a more professional face to your customers, by increasing the efficiency and productivity of receptionists and operators who handle a high volume of calls

Make every call count

Your employees are the foundation for the success of your business. They provide the empathetic contact that fuels customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.

Automated answering technologies provide vital efficiencies in reducing wait times in high-volume calling environments. Yet, the role of the receptionist has never been in more demand, as businesses continue to value the primal power of human interaction.

Flexible answering for a hybrid-work world

Traditional receptionist solutions tend to be location-based and require a dedicated console and specialized operator skills to manage.

In today’s increasingly hybrid and flexible working environment with distributed workforces and remote staff, it has become more challenging to maintain call handling efficiency and service consistency.

Front your business with the best people

8×8 Frontdesk is a new role-based experience within the widely-deployed 8×8 Work app, with a full-screen operator panel that provides instant access to enhanced call handling capabilities.

The intuitive drag-and-drop design enables any activated user to assume the guise of receptionist with minimal prior training. That means that you can assign your best talent to the front- line of your business – anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

By personalizing every first contact, with 8×8 Frontdesk, your callers can always expect a great reception.

Why 8×8 Frontdesk?

Answer and manage calls from anywhere

Optimized for high-volume call-handling and simply enabled in any environment where the 8×8 Work for Desktop app is being used.

Tailored user interface

Easy-to-navigate landscape interface, including customizable contact directory view options and personalized away-from-desk settings.

No hardware required

Softphone-based solution that’s not dependent upon dedicated console equipment or specialist expertise, eliminating the need for complex and costly multi- vendor solutions.

Personalized call answering

Automated filtering of the target contact list for specific user groups, based on the dialed inbound number location. Facilitates faster call connection and contact resolution.

Presence sync with Microsoft Teams

System-wide status view of all users, including presence of contacts and expert resources, using Microsoft’s popular collaboration software via the 8×8 Voice for Teams direct routing solution.

8×8 Frontdesk – make a great impression from wherever you are

Extends the receptionist role to any user, as part of the 8×8 Experience Communication Platform for contact center, voice, video, chat, and APIs.


  • Personalized solution for every user
  • Centralized answering for both employee extensions and contact center agent user groups
  • Shallow learning curve that accelerates user adoption and time-to-value


  • Quick action icons for single-click call connections
  • Voice and message-based call consultation
  • Contact annotation
  • Scripted greetings
  • Single company-wide directory with real-time presence


  • No hardware required
  • Device agnostic
  • Location independent
  • Enables the receptionist role to be assigned to any 8×8 Work user
  • No add-on software installation required

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